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MySammy Can Help

MySammy is software that helps companies of all sizes measure the computer activities and productivity of their employees, without the need to block or spy.

MySammy can help you:
  • determine what employees are doing on their computer
  • set individual goals for each employee to constantly improve their productivity
  • empower employees to self-monitor their computer activities
MySammy is the perfect complement to your company's existing Internet blocking or monitoring efforts.

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MySammy conducted a social media survey of HR Professionals. This survey was to determine the concerns of HR and the policy for employees accessing social media in the workplace.
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MySammy, LLC pioneered the Productivity Measurement Solution. It started as a software project for performance measurement for telecommuting employees working remotely. At the time, management experimented with the idea of allowing telecommuting employees to work from home through terminal server. To management's surprise there was no proper management software solution on the market to measure performance of telecommuting employees. A reliable management tool was needed to measure productivity for the company since managers weren't able to see employees face to face and feared employees becoming complacent. Simply blocking non-productive web sites did not encourage productivity for the telecommuting employees. The key was to engage users' time. Therefore management pioneered a Productivity Measurement Solution known as MySammy.

MySammy Can Help

  • 56% of college students globally said that if they were offered a job at a company that banned access to social media, they would either turn it down, or ignore it.
  • 68% of college students globally believe companies should allow them to access social media and personal sites with their work-issued devices.
  • 87% of employees surf non-work-related websites while at work, and of them 53% engage in personal web surfing every day.
  • 56% of employees do not worry about their email or Internet use being monitored at work.
  • Only 35% of employees believe that surfing the Internet or sending non-work-related emails decreases productivity.
MySammy is derived from its first beta version which was named Session Audit Manager or SAM. MySammy is the sweetheart name of SAM.

How Is MySammy Different?

Old Ways of Preventing Internet Abuse
  • Don’t allow users Internet access.
  • Implement Internet surfing control solutions to limit accessible web sites.
  • Implement monitoring software to look over users' activity.
  • Don’t allow instant message and voice over IP access.
MySammy’s Way
  • To engage users' time and encourage productivity.
  • To easily establish a quantifiable performance measurement.
  • To help managers who travel often and can’t always meet with their employees.
  • “Trust and Verify” to empower users to excel.
MySammy is not interested in the exact details of users' computer activity, but focuses on productive time.

Why You Need MySammy

Website Blocking and PC Monitoring Are Becoming Less Effective
Many employers address the Internet challenge by implementing website blocking to prevent employees from accessing nonproductive websites. Others install computer monitoring software to prevent Internet abuse. These solutions were designed to prevent employees from wasting time on the Internet, but they have become less effective in recent years. One reason is many employees now have a personal smart phone. Social media, shopping, news, banking and almost everything else on a PC are available on a smart phone.
The Key to Success Is Employee Performance Measurement
The key to encourage employee productivity is to have quantifiable measurements for employee performance reviews. This sounds easy, but it is one of the most challenging parts of running a business. The employee performance measurement will depend on the position and nature of the business. Many small to medium sized companies have difficulty coming up with good performance measurements.
MySammy Measures Employee Productivity
MySammy is a remote monitoring software solution that assists management with employee performance evaluations. It collects the computer activities of an employee and presents managers with easy-to-read graphs and charts. Management can compare data from different employees and set a reasonable computer active/productive percentage. This can be used as an objective in employee performance appraisals to encourage employees to achieve their full potential.

What Users Are Saying

Great management tool, data is presented in a quick easy to view format and provides detailed information too. - South Haven, MI
I am very impressed with the information MySammy gathers. - Baton Rouge, LA
I had ideas of employees engaging in personal activities during office hours, but I did not know the high extent until I installed MySammy. By announcing the presence of MySammy, nonproductive computer activity dropped significantly.  I believe MySammy is a tool every company should get. - Chino, CA

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