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MySammy - The Productivity Measurement Solution
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Productivity Measurement Solution

MySammy® is a reporting service that gives you information about how time is spent on a computer. Your registered account gives you access from anywhere in the world to data collected by the MySammy client and hosted in the Internet cloud. The collected data can be used by management to evaluate employees, by a parent to evaluate children, or even for self-evaluation.

Privacy respected

MySammy does not collect sensitive data or screen shots. It collects a minimum amount of data for management evaluation and avoids depriving users’ privacy. MySammy presents the collected data in easily understandable graphs and charts with intuitive navigation. To learn more about the data MySammy collects click here.

A quantifiable measurement solution

If you are already using some type of Internet surfing control solution, you might ask why you should consider MySammy. The main reason is while surfing control may prevent your employees from wasting time on the Internet, it does not necessarily make them productive. Your employees may choose to spend time away from his/her computer being non-productive such as using smart phones and other personal devices. MySammy is designed as a quantifiable measurement solution to engage users' time. Management can compare the active percentage among multiple employees to assess a reasonable active percentage and use it for performance evaluation.

Trust and Verify

Many Internet Surf Control solutions may block websites that are beneficial for your employee's legitimate business use. MySammy “Trust and Verify” approach empowers your staff, instead of limiting their potential to succeed.

Telecommuting with confidence

Furthermore, MySammy is a total time management solution far beyond Internet surf control. With this tool, you now can measure the diligence of your information workers which was hard to quantify in the past. Not only will MySammy improve your organization's productivity, but also give your employees more freedom with their work schedules. You may allow telecommuting without fearing control loses. In the end, it is a win-win solution for both management and employees.

Access your data anywhere

MySammy hosts its data in the Internet cloud. That means you can access your data anywhere in the world. Whether you are on a business / pleasure trip or just around the corner, MySammy is there for you. All you will need is your e-mail and password in order to access your data.

Account Portal Shortcuts

Visit your account portal to run MySammy Manager to view your data or install client on additional workstations.

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