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Is Elon Musk Really Against Remote Jobs?
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The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in lockdowns throughout many countries around the world. As a result, the concept of allowing employees to work from home was embraced by countless CEOS, and many of those companies thrived during the pandemic lockdowns. In fact, it’s fair to say that were it not for remote work, many of those companies would have had a difficult time weathering the lockdown storm. But now, as the pandemic appears to be winding down, some of those CEOs are changing their minds with regard to remote jobs. Recently, for example, Elon Musk told remote workers at Tesla to come back to the office or find work elsewhere. Given the popularity of remote work for so many employees, it’s hard to imagine what would motivate Musk to give his workers such a harsh ultimatum.

But Elon Musk isn’t the first CEO to force employees to abandon their work-from-home routines and return to the office. In fact, Yahoo CEO Melissa Meyer did the exact same thing back in 2013, banning Yahoo employees from engaging in remote work and demanding that they return to the office or else. Both Musk and Meyer seem to be competent CEOs who undoubtedly care about the success of their companies and the employees that keep their businesses running. So what’s really behind the ultimatums put forth by Musk, Meyer, and other heads of companies? These CEOS all share something in common: they all lack the management structure necessary to ensure that their remote workers are held accountable for their efforts when working outside of the office. After all, if you thought your employees were wasting time and not actually “working” when working from home, wouldn’t you insist that they return to the office as well?

This is exactly why we developed MySammy. Our cloud-based software was designed to provide managers with quantifiable measurements of employee productivity levels. And we do so without the use of “spyware” or blocking of certain websites. By using MySammy, managers and CEOs can be assured that their workers are as productive as possible no matter where they are physically located. If CEOs like Musk and Meyer had the ability to not only trust their work-from-home employees, but verify that they are indeed being productive, then they would likely feel much more comfortable allowing their workers to continue on in their remote jobs. Studies have found that remote workers strongly prefer to continue working from home and that they would rather find work elsewhere than give up their new at-home work schedules. Thanks to MySammy, you can continue to allow your employees to work remotely and feel confident that they are being productive while doing so. To find out more about MySammy, sign up for your FREE trial today!

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