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Why Employee Monitoring Alone Just Doesn't Measure Up
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Why Employee Monitoring Alone Just Doesn’t “Measure Up”

Unlimited Internet access can tempt even the hardest-working employee. If your workers’ productivity is suffering because they’re spending too much time doing personal business on the Internet, it can hurt your business. One option that some employers have tried is to monitor employee Internet usage.  Chances are you don’t want your highly trained IT professional acting as an Internet usage monitor, and some types of employee monitoring software – often referred to as “spyware” – are considered to be too much of an invasion of employee privacy. Still, using software that will monitor employee Internet usage can be an effective tool, particularly in extreme cases where Internet abuse and/or illegal Web-based activities are a possibility.


It’s Employee Monitoring, Not Measuring

Probably the biggest downfall of employee monitor software is its inability to perform one very important function: measuring your workers’ productivity.  Although an employee monitor product might be able to identify which undesirable websites your employees are visiting, it can’t provide you with one very crucial piece of information: how much time your workers are engaged in productive activity. And if you don’t know that, you can’t possibly know the extent of the problem or which employees are the most valuable to your company. That’s what makes MySammy the perfect alternative or complement to any Internet usage monitor product.


Taking a Positive Approach

The innovative features of MySammy make it possible to resolve the issue from a positive point of view rather than a negative one. Instead of monitoring, MySammy allows you to measure how much of each workday your employees are spending in productive, work-related tasks. Once you have an idea how hard each employee is working, you can use MySammy to establish realistic performance goals for each individual. After that, you can set up a reward system to recognize and acknowledge each person’s improved performance.


Let MySammy Fill in the Gap

If you’ve already purchased employee monitor software, use MySammy as a complementary product to fill in where your monitoring software falls short. While it may still be important for you to monitor employee Internet usage, MySammy will perform the measurement tasks that are so important to effectively improve employee productivity once and for all. Let MySammy identify your highest-achieving employees so you can recognize and reward them for a job well done. If you have some concerns about workers who aren’t as productive as they should be, use MySammy to help them improve and turn their poor work performance around.

Whether you choose MySammy as an alternative to an Internet usage monitor, or as a product to use in conjunction with your current employee monitor system, MySammy truly measures up!


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