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Attract the Very Best Employees by Offering Flextime
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Locating, recruiting and hiring high quality employees is crucial for the success of any company, no matter what its size or which industry it’s in. That may become more and more challenging for some managers over the next several years, as millennials become the predominant working age group. If you remain stuck in a mindset from years ago – one that dictates employees can only be productive in a traditional office environment – you will be hard pressed to find millennials who want to join your staff. In fact, recent studies have shown that the younger workforce values having flextime so much that they would even be willing to accept lower salaries as long as they could have the opportunity to work remotely, work flexible hours, and/or work longer hours but for fewer days a week. That’s what flextime is all about.

A recent article published on reminds us of a prediction made by Bill Gates years ago: that only those companies that offer flextime to employees will be able to recruit and hire the best and most qualified workers. And a 2018 study conducted by Flextime found that workers with more flexible schedules were happier, healthier, less stressed, more productive, and called in sick less frequently than employees who worked in a conventional office environment. 

It’s obvious for company owners and/or managers that the best way to ensure the success of a business over the next several years is to hire the highest qualified employees available, and offering flextime is one way of attracting that desirable talent pool. It seems like only common sense for company owners and managers to follow the advice of software industry mogul Bill Gates, along with countless studies conducted on this topic by reputable agencies. Yet still, many managers remain concerned that allowing their employees to work remotely will result in lower productivity. If you find yourself stuck in that old mindset, we have one word of advice that will alleviate your worry: MySammy.

In fact, allowing employees to enjoy flextime is exactly why MySammy was developed in the first place. Several years ago, our company founder and president Edward Kwang was approached by one of his employees who wanted to work from home to avoid a long commute to and from the office. Understandably, Mr. Kwang was hesitant to allow it, thinking that even this valuable member of his staff might be tempted to be less productive if she worked outside the office. He knew he needed a way to measure her productivity without invading her privacy. When he discovered that no product existed that would accomplish that task, he set about creating MySammy.

Now, you have the opportunity to benefit from this revolutionary software. Not only will MySammy give you the peace of mind to allow your employees the opportunity to work remotely; you will also be able to attract the most highly qualified talent available by offering them the flextime that they value so highly.

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