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How Employee Perks Can Incentivize Your Employees
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1. What are employee perks?
When you look up the word “perk” in a dictionary it is defined as “to stick up or jut out.” In a sense, that is exactly what perks are supposed to do for a company. Employee perks are meant to reward employees as a way to provide extra benefits along with the general ones they typically receive (i.e. 401k, dental, medical). Perks provide value to the company and their employees as a way to a) retain top talent and b) increase productivity.
2. How can perks improve the work environment?
Monetary bonuses can only achieve so much and are heavily taxed, leaving the actual amount lower. Perks are a way companies can help their employees save time and money while ultimately having an increased appreciation towards the company.
3. Are employee perks the future of HR?
It is definitely becoming a necessary component for successful companies. In fact, recently conducted a study on job benefits and what they found was that 95 percent of Americans weigh job benefits and perks before deciding to either stay put or take a new position.
4. What parallels can be drawn from employee perk platforms and industry trends?
HR realizes they need to invest in their employees, which is causing them to move towards employee perks as a way to fuel productivity and retain top talent. This movement has shown a 65 percent increase in employees receiving new perks or benefits in the fourth quarter of 2012, according to a survey.
5. What are the popular employee perks companies are striving to provide?
There are many compelling perks a company can offer. The more popular ones include those related to fitness, entertainment and shopping. These perks allow the user to save money at their favorite gym, movie theatre, catered lunches and massages.
6. With all this talk about perks, what is AnyPerk all about?
AnyPerk is a platform that provides real employee perks and discounts to companies of all sizes.  We partner with hundreds of vendors that provide employee discounts in fitness, entertainment, travel, and many more. We’ve welcome over 2,500 clients to the AnyPerk family.
7. What are reasons why HR representatives are flocking to AnyPerk?
AnyPerk revolves around providing real employee perks and making the lives of HR easier. We want to make every company have the same perks as Google! AnyPerk is a tool for HR that adds to their companies work environment by boosting engagement and morale significantly.
8. Why are employees of these companies excited to use AnyPerk?
Imagine this: you're at work and look outside to see the neighboring company’s gym. You say to yourself, “My work life would be better if my company could offer cool perks like they do.” AnyPerk is filling this void by making corporate discounts more accessible for companies who currently do not offer such perks. 
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