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How Internet Access Impacts Employee Productivity
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It’s hard to remember when the Internet wasn’t part of our day-to-day lives. But believe it or not, the Internet only became widely used in 1995, making it just under 25 years old. For some of us, it seems like only yesterday, while other people can barely remember a time when we did all our banking in person, paid bills via “snail mail,” watched television to catch up on news stories, did our shopping at a local mall, and picked up a phone to communicate with family and friends. Since the advent of the Internet, we can accomplish all those tasks and much more online. 

The fact is that in our modern world, we barely have to leave our homes and offices to conduct our personal business. We do our banking online, pay our bills, read local and national news stories, do our shopping, and communicate with family and friends through social media sites. And thanks to personal devices like smart phones and tablets, we can do all of that and more at any time, from virtually any location. That includes – unfortunately for many managers and company owners – our places of business.

While there’s no doubt about the benefits that the Internet has brought to all types of companies in every industry, it also makes it much easier for employees to do all those personal chores during the course of their workday. In addition to business-related tasks – like communicating with coworkers, vendors and customers; conducting online marketing campaigns; tracking of inventory and stocking of goods; and countless other jobs that the Internet has made easier to accomplish – your workers are very likely conducting their own business during work hours. Obviously, this can’t be good when it comes to employee productivity, which is why it has become a real problem for companies. 

So it should come as no surprise that many managers have chosen to use Internet tracking software to find out which of their workers are being nonproductive and which websites they’re visiting. Although there’s no doubt that tracking software will provide you with that information, it won’t tell you just the opposite: how much time each person is spending doing legitimate, business-related tasks each day. You also run the risk of invading the privacy of your employees when you choose standard tracking software. And, since virtually all of your employees probably carry smart phones, all the money you invest in tracking software will likely go to waste since your workers can just as easily do personal chores online with their smart phones while they’re at work.

MySammy provides a solution that goes far beyond traditional tracking software. Our cloud-based software is meant to be used by managers with the full knowledge of the employee, so you won’t be invading the privacy of your workers.  Rather than focusing on how much time an employee is wasting, MySammy tracks the productivity levels of each worker, taking more of a “glass-half-full” approach to management.  And MySammy provides you with useful, easy-to-understand reports that will help you track productivity levels, establish attainable goals for each worker, and provide the motivation your staff needs to be more productive than ever.

With all the advantages that the Internet brings to our daily lives, it definitely has a downside. But thanks to MySammy, you can help your employees overcome the distractions of technology and focus on doing their best during work hours. The key to resolving this issue isn’t monitoring, it’s motivating!

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