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The "Trust but Verify" Approach to Employee Management
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CEOs, managers, directors and company presidents all have one thing in common: they want their businesses to succeed. Most members of upper management can quickly come up with a list of what any successful company needs: high profit margins, low overhead, and streamlined internal operations, for example. But there is one intangible ingredient of success that may not immediately come to mind for even the most experienced manager: mutual trust. As a supervisor or manager, you need to trust that your employees will do their jobs to the best of their ability every working day. And your employees need to trust that their managers and supervisors aren’t spying on them to make sure they’re being productive.

Unfortunately, trusting your employees to do the right thing – in other words, to spend their time at work actually working rather than wasting time on the Internet, for example – is easier said than done. The fact is that the vast majority of workers will not spend every minute of their workday engaged in productive activities. This is particularly true for telecommuters, who are pretty much unsupervised and on their own when working from a remote location. Trusting your employees is a nice idea, but when the success of your business depends to a large extent on the productivity of your workers, few managers are willing to simply assume that employees are always keeping busy with work-related tasks.

That’s why use of “spyware” is all too common in many companies. Managers who feel that their employees are wasting time at work resort to use of software products that track Internet usage and even block some websites. But spying on your employees is never the answer. Not only is it ineffective – if your workers want to surf the net at work, they’re more likely to do it on their smart phones than they are on company computers equipped with spyware – it is also an invasion of privacy. When you invade the privacy of your employees, you do much more than simply lose their trust and permanently damage you working relationships (although that’s certainly bad enough); you also run the risk of being sued by the employees. 

Fortunately, MySammy offers a performance measurement solution that helps managers feel confident that their employees are being as productive as they need be without invading their privacy, losing their trust, and ruining the working relationship that you have worked so hard to build. MySammy is designed to be used on company computers with the full knowledge of the employee. In fact, the reports generated by MySammy are often an effective means of helping the worker to increase his or her level of productivity, as well as assisting you in creating fair work standards that can be used throughout a department or organization to assess employees’ performance.

Would you like to trust your employees to be more productive? MySammy can help you do just that by allowing you to verify that your trust is well founded. That’s what we call the “trust but verify” approach. Our performance measurement solution has worked for countless other managers and small company owners in a variety of industries, so contact us today and see what a difference our “trust but verify” method can make in your employees’ productivity.

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