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How You Can Finally Feel Confident Enough to Allow Your Employees to Telecommute
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Allowing employees to work from home or other remote locations can be a huge benefit to companies of all sizes. Studies show that workers who are allowed to work from home are generally happier and less stressed, and actually save their companies money by eliminating overhead, cutting down on supply costs, etc. Unfortunately, many business owners and managers have been hesitant to give their employees the flexibility to work remotely because they worry that the workers won’t be as productive as they would be in an office environment. MySammy is innovative Cloud-based software designed to provide quantifiable productivity measurements.

Unlike other software monitoring tools, which simply track an employee’s computer usage and often block sites that the program considers to be “inappropriate,” MySammy uses an entirely different approach. Our “Trust and Verify” methodology doesn’t employ spyware tactics to monitor employees. Instead, we empower workers to visit whatever sites they need to in order to get their jobs done. Here’s how MySammy is different and superior to other computer monitoring programs:

• MySammy respects the privacy of the employee. We collect only the minimum amount of data needed to assess the worker’s productivity, and we never collect sensitive data or screenshots. We believe that when you respect an employee’s privacy, that employee will feel a greater sense of loyalty toward the employer and that, in turn, increases the productivity of the employee.
• MySammy doesn’t block websites. All too often, sites that are deemed to be “inappropriate” by other monitoring programs are actually sites that help employees to do their jobs. In this way, MySammy allows more autonomy on the part of the employee and provides the worker with greater opportunity to advance in his or her job.
• MySammy provides managers easy-to-read charts and graphs. This data allows the manager to not only measure the employee’s productivity; it also helps the supervisor to set individualized goals for each employee to improve his/her performance, as well as to evaluate and establish productivity and performance standards for all employees.
• MySammy gives managers the ability to track and compare the productivity levels of multiple remote workers, and even allows employees to track their own progress.
• MySammy allows supervisors and managers to access data at any time, from any location, simply by logging into their registered account with an email address and password. This means that managers can supervise a team of remote workers from anywhere in the world.
• MySammy is more affordable than many other software monitoring programs, with monthly subscription fees ranging from $7 per month per user (for small businesses that need to analyze office productivity) to $9 per month per user (for larger businesses that need to establish personnel performance standards).

If you’ve been hesitant to allow your employees to work remotely in the past, it’s time to reconsider! MySammy will give you the confidence you need to finally allow telecommuting in your company. And that’s a win-win for your workers AND your business

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