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Why It’s So Much Easier to Fill Remote Job Vacancies
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Any manager who has filled more than a few vacant positions can tell you that finding and hiring the right person for the job can be challenging. That’s especially true now, when there are seemingly fewer people looking for jobs than there are jobs waiting to be filled. If you’re looking for a new employee who wants to work in an office every day, findin

g the right person can seem next to impossible. Fortunately, filling remote jobs isn’t nearly as daunting of a task. What follows are some reasons why it’s so much easier to fill remote job vacancies.

  • The majority of workers don’t want to come back to the office full-time. In fact, in a Pew Research Study conducted in January of 2022, 61% of respondents said that they wanted to continue to work remotely, citing that their primary reason was that it was so much easier to achieve a healthy work-life balance when working from home.
  • Employees want to live where they choose to live, instead of where they need to live because of their jobs. Ever since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the exponential increase in remote work that came as a result of COVID lockdowns, work-from-home employees have come to the realization that they are no longer tied to living in or adjacent to large metropolitan areas. In fact, working from home means that home can be anyplace. This allows young families, for example, the opportunity to choose a community with better schools and a healthier environment in which they can raise their children.
  • Remote workers have become comfortable with their work-from-home routines. At the start of the pandemic, the thought of not commuting to and from the office each day was extremely unsettling to many employees. But over the course of the past 2+ years, remote workers have come to embrace working from home. This is not only true for the employees themselves, but also true for their families. Now, in fact, the majority of remote workers have no desire to break these new routines and return to working in an office each day.

If you’re a manager looking to hire onsite employees, you may want to think again. Given the fact t

hat the majority of a continually shrinking workforce strongly desires to work from home, why not give your employees the opportunity to do just that? Even allowing your staff members to work from home part-time would provide them with some of the flexibility that they value so highly.

Fortunately, remote jobs offer benefits for employers as well. Just think of how much overhead costs you can save if you require a fraction of the office space that was once required to run your business. And, since statistics tell us that work-from-home employees are generally much more content with their jobs and more loyal to their companies, you will likely also find that you can retain qualified employees for much longer periods of time and won’t need to go through the rigorous task of finding and hiring new workers nearly as often. And thanks to MySammy, you may even find that remote workers are more productive than in-office employees! In fact, our cloud-based software is specifically designed for managers of work-from-home teams. MySammy measures productivity levels of your remote team members, and we do so without blocking websites or using “spyware.” Your work-from-home employees will know that you’re measuring their productivity levels, and that often results in even higher levels of productivity! Are you looking to fill your remote job vacancies with the best candidates available? A great place to start is by making sure that you have the right software in place to help you manage your work-from-home team. Learn more about MySammy by signing up for your FREE trial today!

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