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The Surprising Benefits of Remote Work
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It may seem like we’ve been in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic for many years. But the fact is that (as of this writing) it was only a short 2 ½ years ago that people across the US and around the world began to experience the life-changing ramifications of the pandemic. At that time, companies and businesses began to close down, and an increasing number of people began to work from home on a regular basis. At first, many workers and managers found remote work to be a challenge to say the least. But as time went by, we all became accustomed to this “new normal” workday routine. In fact, we now recognize some surprising benefits of remote work – advantages that many of us would have never imagined. What follows are some of those benefits.

  • People are happier working from home. Remember how hesitant employees once were to even attempt remote work? Those days are long gone now. In fact, recent studies have found that nearly three-quarters of workers are actually happier working from home than they would be working in a typical office environment. This fact is demonstrated even more convincingly by surveys that show about half of people who currently work from home would actually prefer to take a pay cut if it meant they could continue to work remotely.
  • Employees take less sick leave when working from home. Let’s face it – it’s not uncommon for an employee to call in sick just to get a little extra time off. Most managers are well aware of this fact. But it’s different for remote workers. Employees who work from home not only take less sick leave; they typically continue to work even if they feel a little under the weather.
  • Companies save money by allowing staff to work from home, or even by adopting a hybrid work model that allows employees to work from home part-time. Studies conducted by Harvard and Stanford show that companies typically save about $11,000 per year simply by allowing employees to work from home part of the time! Businesses can save on everything from office space rental fees to insurance coverage and utilities when they adopt a remote work and/or hybrid work policy.
  • Employees are more loyal to their companies if they’re allowed to work from home. At the start of the pandemic, when there was an exponential increase in remote work, it was easy for managers to feel that they might lose staff members of they were allowed to work remotely. As it turns out, just the opposite is true. Employees are much more likely to stay with their current companies if they are given the opportunity to work at home.
  • Thanks to technological tools specially designed to assist supervisors of remote staff, productivity levels actually increase when people work from home. MySammy is one excellent example. Our cloud-based software allows managers to measure productivity levels of remote workers and encourage them to work at their highest productivity levels. And we do this in a totally transparent way – meaning with the full knowledge of the employee and without resorting to “spyware” or website-blocking software.

If you have yet to fully embrace a remote work or hybrid work environment for your employees – or if you’re considering insisting that your remote employees return to the office – think again! You may be surprised at all the benefits you and your workers will experience all thanks to remote work. Enjoy one of those advantages today by signing up for your FREE trial of MySammy!

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