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Why Some Employees Want to Keep Working from Home
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The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in an unprecedented number of people working from home. In fact, many company owners and managers who would never have even considered allowing their employees to telecommute in the past found themselves embracing the idea – particularly when the only other option was to simply stop doing business until stay-at-home orders were lifted. While there’s no doubt that many remote workers began telecommuting somewhat hesitantly, a surprising number adapted very quickly. In fact, now that businesses across the U.S. are beginning to reopen and return to office workplaces, many of the remote-working employees would prefer to continue to work from home. This makes sense when you consider the benefits of telecommuting, such as:

  • Better work/life balance – Achieving a balance between work and a private life adds up to a happier, healthier, more productive and loyal employee. This is especially true for those workers with families. When your employee has adequate time during the day to do a good job for you and take care of his/her family at the same time, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.
  • Less (or no) commuting time – Long commutes are stressful, time-consuming and expensive. It’s no wonder that so many people feel a sense of relief when their “commute” consists of walking from the kitchen table to their home office.
  • Saving money – Long commutes aren’t the only costly part of working in an office. When your employees come back to the workplace, they’ll be paying for childcare, extra fuel for vehicles, lunches out, etc. Working from home eliminates (or at least greatly reduces) those extra expenses.
  • Fewer sick days – When your employees aren’t breathing on each other in the office environment, they’re avoiding not only COVID-19, but a myriad of other illnesses as well. This, added to the fact that working from home is less stressful overall – i.e., healthier – means they’ll be taking significantly fewer sick days than they would working in the office.
  • Greater job satisfaction – When employees are allowed to have more flexible work schedules, they experience much more job satisfaction. That means they’re less likely to look for another job and much more likely to work harder for their current employer.

If you’re finding that a portion of your staff members want to continue working from home, this may be an excellent time to fully embrace telecommuting on a permanent basis. And a great way to start is by signing up for MySammy. Our cloud-based software is specifically designed for managers of remote workers. MySammy accurately measures the productivity levels of telecommuters without using spyware or website-blocking tools. In fact, MySammy is intended to be used with full knowledge of your employees, and can even help motivate them to increase their productivity levels. Sign up for your FREE MySammy trial today!

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