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Top 25 Women HR Blogs
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The field of human resources is one where women traditionally excel. From the numerous great blogs out there, we’ve read and shortlisted a group of the top 25 HR blogs by women that should be bookmarked by everyone.

Alive HR, Krista Ogburn Francis

While this blog hasn’t exactly been updated recently, the content that Krista Ogburn Francis previously explored is still pertinent today.  Ogburn Francis offers readers advice on obtaining and keeping internships, why employers check Facebooks, as well as updates into her professional life.  Some favorite posts are “Staying Fresh”, “Internships (That Suck Less)” and “The Great Facebook Debate”.

Allison Green.jpg  Ask a Manager, Allison Green

The great thing about Ask a Manager is it is exactly as it sounds: readers write in with a question, and manager Allison Green gives a response based on years of Human Resources experience.  She covers a wide range of topics including internships, proper email writing techniques and even the hard to request vacation time.  Recent posts include “My Coworker Framed Me To Try To Get Me in Trouble and Now Wants to Meet for Coffee”, “I Don’t Want to go on a Company Cruise-Can I be Required to Work Instead” and “Confess Your Awkward Work Moments”.

  Blogging 4 Jobs, Jessica Miller-Merrell

Blogging 4 Jobs is a site comprised of numerous authors various takes on Human Resources.  One of the sites biggest contributors, and the owner, Jessica Miller-Merrell compiles all the information any person could ever need when trying to tackle a difficult HR situation, or just wants to brush up on their knowledge.  Recent posts include “Stop Tying Your Employees Shoes”, “Developing Simple and Effective Career Plans” and “Feedback is a Gift”.

  The Cynical Girl, Laurie Ruettimann

Formerly of Punk Rock HR and the creator of the HR Blog Network, Laurie Ruettimann knows a thing or two about Human Resources.  Working with some of the leading companies in the world, Laurie’s knowledge of HR tips, secrets and current events can rival even the most well versed practitioners and writers.  Recent posts include “Deadlines Matter”, “Why LinkedIn Needs a Block Button” and “How Many People are Looking for Work? Are You One of Them?”.

  Do the Work, Franny Oxford

In Do the Work, Franny Oxford explores living with her career in Human Resources and her home life; constantly trying to find the right balance between them.  Taking the family on speaking engagements and carving time in her schedule to raise her kids, Franny Oxford is a role model for the working mothers out there.  Recent posts include “Work Life Blending, the Oxford Family Way”, “HR Florida: Excellence, Personified.” and “Disney-Driven Observations on Parenting” .

  The Employment Opportunities List, Bonni Titgemeyer

While the main focus of the Employment Opportunities List is to alert HR professionals of job openings in the industry, the site also shares valuable knowledge and information that can be well used in the human resources field.  Bonni Titgemeyer runs the site, but articles are written by numerous industry professionals.  Recent posts include “Get Real-Get out of Your Box”, “Of Course, He Would Like to Make Marbles” and “Little Ducklings in a Row”.

Evil-HR-Lady-325x205.jpg  Evil HR Lady, Suzanne Lucas

The name of this blog perfectly sums up the stereotype facing Human Resources professionals.  Suzanne Lucas created Evil HR Lady to dispel the rumors and offer advice to readers, whether they are HR pros or employees with questions regarding HR issues.  Lucas wraps her knowledge in humor and real life examples, which make her blog relatable to everyone.  Recent posts include “Want Happier Employees? Send Them Home”, “How Not to Quit Your Job” and “I Keep Losing Out to Internal Candidates”.

88_baconskillettwitter.jpg  HR Bacon Hut, Lyn Hoyt

Who doesn’t love bacon?  Much like the ever popular cured meat, HR Bacon Hut is a favorite amongst blogs focusing on human resources.  With the tagline “Chewing, Drinking and Mashing the HR Fat”, HR Bacon Hut provides readers with tips on proper HR management, upcoming conferences and even a funny story or two.  Recent posts include “Resusitate HR with Bacon”, “What? No Bacon? Just SHRM?” and “HRevolution 2012”.

BioFront.png  HR Bartender, Sharlyn Lauby

One of the few blogs on the list that is updated daily, HR Bartender features a wealth of Human Resources related information written by former practitioner turned consultant Sharlyn Lauby, the blog features resources for various topics, including maternity leave, pay increases, even discounts to HR related events.  Recent posts include “Fired During Pregnancy Leave- Ask HR Bartender”, “Getting Energized at Work” and “What Organizational Values do Job Seekers Value Most?”.

783295ade99c238e16447bf845a30cca.jpeg  HR Insomniac, Dawn Hrdlica-Burke

Also being one of those blogs that hasn’t been updated in a while, HR Insomniac does an excellent job with what content lies on the site.  Dawn Hrdlica-Burke paints a picture for her readers and makes Human Resources come to life.  Her stories are full of humor, relatable experiences and sentiment.  Recent posts include “Salute Your Solution: Simplify”, “Facebook Friend Snubs; You May Be Asking For it” and “Love the One You’re With”.

The HR Juggler, Alison Chisnell

Taking a look at Human Resources over the pond, The HR Juggler focuses on issues and laws in the United Kingdom.  Author Alison Chisnell uses her whit and personal experiences to share information with her readers, while keeping them fully engaged in what she is educating about.  Recent posts include “A Social Holiday”, “Mind’s Eye – An Auction” and “While You Were Sleeping”.

Lindenberger.jpg  HR Locksmith, Judy Lindenberger

Written in conjunction with her very successful consulting firm, The Lindenberger Group, HR Locksmith takes a more professional, serious approach to Human Resources.  Although it is not updated on a regular basis, visitors can scroll through an in depth history covering a broad range of topics including “Interview With a New Business Owner”, “Just Be Civil” and “Interview With a Talent Management Professional”.

The HR Maven, Deirdre Honner

The HR Maven is another blog on the list that uses real life accounts and experiences and relates them to Human Resources.  Deirdre Honner is a wonderful story teller and shares her personal experiences and photos to her readers, building a trustful relationship for the conveying of information.  Recent posts include “Learning”, “Leadership” and “A Good Colleague”.

HR Minion.jpg  HR Minion, Shauna Moerke

One of the greatest things about HR Minion is the advice Shauna Moerke offers to newly graduated professionals in the field of HR.  Using humor, interesting photos and graphics, Moerke makes light of the unsteady job market and issues facing practitioners today and lets people know that it’s all not so serious.  Recent posts include “You Are Never Too Much of Anything”, “Job Vent: When Employees Fly Off the Handle” and “Respect Epiphany”.

Melissa-Fairman_second-PIC-Banner.png  HR Remix, Melissa Fairman

Let’s face it.  Some topics in human resources can be mundane and not an easy read.  This is not the case with Melissa Fairman’s HR Remix.  She uses whit and nostalgia to get information to her readers and never skips a beat when it comes to new practices and ideas.  Recent posts include “A Dangerous Book”, “Someone Who Takes an Undemanding Job” and “What Thinks You?”.

HRRingleader-Logo.png  HR Ring Leader, Trish McFarland

Choosing to focus on HR in a circus theme, HR pro Trish McFarland shares her thoughts and musings on the controversial and every day issues surrounding human resources. Recent posts include “The Secret? Surround Yourself By Greatness”, “Life Logging Your Organization: The Value of Performance Reviews” and “You Are Replaceable-And Maybe By the Beaner Slinger”.

HRTechBlog.png  HR Tech Blog, Sarah White

Focusing on the technological advancements of HR products, services and innovations, the HR Tech Blog informs its readers of changes and updates to existing technology, as well as new products and services soon entering the marketplace.  Author Sarah White also shares informative infographics and tips for HR success.  Recent posts include “Intro to Talent Management Software”, “Human Resources Technology, Agility and Globalization in 2013” and “Video Interviewing Goes Mainstream in 2013”.

JoanIke2.png  Just Joan, Joan Ginsberg

Offering a unique perspective on human resources, Joan Ginsberg offers her personal experience in the law field, and how it now pertains to her life now as a human resources manager.  Her blog, Just Joan, takes a glimpse at her personal life, and relates it back to human resources, giving a human side to human resources.  Recent posts include “A Lifetime Companion”, “The Generation That Will Save Detroit” and “4 Reasons Why HR Pros Can Benefit From Candy Crush Saga”.

Lisa Rosendahl.jpg  Lisa Rosendahl, Lisa Rosendahl

Lisa Rosendahl’s blog is a poignant look at family, career and growing older.  While she is a leading expert in the field of human resources, her blog covers a wide range of topics and makes you feel better after reading them.  Recent posts include “A Good Mother: A Day in the Life Sunday”, “#Fitness: A Day in the Life Sunday” and “Tapping into Existing Workplace Skills”.

KellyLongBanner.png  Thryving, Kelly Long

Even though the blog hasn’t been updated in some time, the content that author Kelly Long did write about is still alive and pertinent to today’s HR needs.  Kelly is whimsical, funny and overly excited when it comes to Human Resources and it makes her blog a joy to read.  Her most recent posts include “Stop Putting Your Employees in Boxes”, “That’s Right, We Dance!” and “The Super Bowl of Leadership”.

cropped-Unbridled-Talent-prelim-logo.png  Unbridled Talent, Jennifer McClure

Probably one of the most well known blogs pertaining to human resources, Unbridled Talent is nothing short of a required read in the HR world.  Every topic imaginable is covered and Jennifer McClure’s knowledge is vast and opinionated.  Recent posts include “Rowe: Can we Afford to Manage by Results Only?”, “The HOW and WHY of LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook for Business” and “Social Recruiting-The Level Playing Field”.

UnconventionalHR.jpg  Unconventional HR, Kimberly Roden

One of the best things about Unconventional HR is that the blogger, Kimberly Roden, writes as if she is speaking directly to you.  She’s witty and knowledgeable, making even the tedious topics engaging.  Considering she has been referred to as one of the experts in her field, you can guarantee you’ll be getting the best information. Recent posts include “You Got the Job!”, “Making Bereavement Leave Human” and “5 Quick & Basic Resume Fixes”.

Words and Impressions.jpg  Words and Impressions, Heather Rose

Words and Impressions is the rare mix of everyday life with a few sprinklings of HR intermixed. Focusing on her life in Los Angeles, Heather Rose paints a picture of a young woman in the city trying to make a name for herself in human resources.  Witty and entertaining, this blog is a can’t miss.  Recent posts include “Hiking Franklin Canyon”, “Welcome to Hollywood”, and “Summer O’Fun-The Windy City”.

LauraS.jpg  Working Girl, Laura Schroeder

Focusing only on Human Capital Management issues and information, Working Girl is a valuable source for up to date, pertinent information for those in the human resources industry. Before Googling for a certain topic, be sure to check out what Laura Schroeder has to offer.  Recent posts include “Like a Dog Chewing on a Toffee”, “Who Says??” and “Talent Profiling 2.0”.

nisha-raghavan.jpg  Your HR Buddy, Nisha Raghavan

Easy to navigate and chock full of valuable information, Your HR Buddy is the perfect place to go when you need advice or help with HR situations, ranging from simple to even the most complex.  Recent posts include “Choosing the Right Executive For Your Company”, “Leadership Perspectives from East to West” and “5 Things the Small Business Owner Doesn’t Want to do”.


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