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9 Must-Have Tools to Make Telecommuting a Success

These days, it’s a rare company that doesn’t have some employees who telecommute. Yet for all the benefits of telecommuting, there are some pitfalls as well. The following nine tools will help any company maximize and realize the promise of efficient telecommuting.

1.  Terminal Server (Remote Desktop)

How Employee Perks Can Incentivize Your Employees

1. What are employee perks?
When you look up the word “perk” in a dictionary it is defined as “to stick up or jut out.” In a sense, that is exactly what perks are supposed to do for a company. Employee perks are meant to reward employees as a way to provide extra benefits along with the general ones they typically receive (i.e. 401k, dental, medical). Perks provide value to the company and their employees as a way to a) retain top talent and b) increase productivity.
2. How can perks improve the work environment?


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