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How Gas Prices are Fueling the Work-from-Home Movement

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world in countless ways. And one of the most significant changes has been the exponential increase in work-from-home job opportunities. Business owners and managers from virtually every industry adapted to the many restrictions put in place by federal and state governments by allowing at least a portion of their workforce to work from home.

Is Elon Musk Really Against Remote Jobs?

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in lockdowns throughout many countries around the world. As a result, the concept of allowing employees to work from home was embraced by countless CEOS, and many of those companies thrived during the pandemic lockdowns. In fact, it’s fair to say that were it not for remote work, many of those companies would have had a difficult time weathering the lockdown storm. But now, as the pandemic appears to be winding down, some of those CEOs are changing their minds with regard to remote jobs.

Improve Employee Morale with Remote Team-Building Activities

Employee morale is an absolutely essential part of any highly functioning team. Without it, your workers will produce less and be more inclined to look for work elsewhere, which is why it’s so important to keep your employee morale as high as possible. Any good manager knows this. But improving morale is easier said than done.

Why It’s So Much Easier to Fill Remote Job Vacancies

Any manager who has filled more than a few vacant positions can tell you that finding and hiring the right person for the job can be challenging. That’s especially true now, when there are seemingly fewer people looking for jobs than there are jobs waiting to be filled. If you’re looking for a new employee who wants to work in an office every day, findin

Five Ways to Help Your Employees Succeed in Their Work-from-Home Jobs

Although the management style of supervisors may vary from one person to the next, as employers we all share one thing in common: we want our workers to succeed. People who excel in their jobs are not only more content and likely to stay in their current positions; they are also more loyal to their companies and their managers, and are more motivated to perform their work-related tasks to the best of their abilities.

What Happens to Work-from-Home Jobs in a Post-COVID World?

Until just recently, most of us have hesitated to consider what commerce will look like in a post-pandemic world. After all, it’s been over two years since COVID-19 has changed our day-to-day work lives across the globe, and just as we think there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, yet another variant emerges that sets us back.

Remote Jobs: 2022 Watch List of Career Fields and Jobs

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, without a doubt. Once thought to be simply a knee-jerk reaction to the coronavirus outbreak, working from home appears to be a trend that is here to stay. Whether you’re an employee looking for a new job, or a company owner/manager interested in hiring new employees and/or maintaining your current staff, you’re bound to find the new information recently published by FlexJobs to be eye-opening.

Managing Work-from-Home Employees: Challenges in 2022 and Beyond

COVID-19 has changed the world in so many ways. Even now, when we’re already two years into the pandemic (at the time of this writing), most of us are still adjusting to those changes. This is especially true when it comes to our working lives. Fortunately, many companies have been able to adapt to the limitations that have come with the pandemic by allowing their employees to work remotely.

Survey Says: Work-from-Home Jobs Are Here to Stay!

If you’ve been wondering how long work-at-home jobs will continue to be a trend in the American workforce, a recent Gallup update of monthly employment trends might answer that question for you. According to Gallup’s September 2021 findings, 45% of workers in the US who held part-time jobs were working from home either all of the time (25%) or part-time (20%). These figures are consistent with those from both July and August of 2021.

How Remote Jobs Can Save Your Company from the Great Resignation

Thanks to COVID-19 and all the repercussions of that pandemic, the workforce in the US may never be the same. One excellent example is what came to be known in 2021 as the “Great Resignation,” where millions of workers quit their jobs without having another one in the queue. This unprecedented event left thousands upon thousands of companies desperately needing to hire a workforce that simply wasn’t interested in taking those jobs.


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