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Predicting Future Telecommuting Trends

The beginning of each year is a good time to reflect on the previous one. But if you’re like most people, 2020 isn’t a year that you want to spend a lot of time thinking about. The global pandemic wreaked havoc on the entire world over the past year, and although vaccines are on the way, as of the beginning of 2021 we are still battling COVID 19 and the impacts it has had on our communities.

Telecommuting Advantages for Individuals and Companies

The year 2020 has been challenging, to say the least. For managers and business owners, one of the most significant of these challenges has been transitioning from an onsite workforce to one that works from home. In making this transition, it’s easy to focus on what’s difficult about managing a telecommuting staff.

Overcoming the Most Common Obstacles of Managing a Remote Workforce

Thanks in large part to the global pandemic, 2020 brought with it an exponential rise in telecommuting for businesses of all sizes and in virtually every industry. And while we could debate the advantages and disadvantages of this trend, one thing is certain: everyone attempting to manage a remote workforce has faced obstacles in trying to achieve that task.

The Unexpected Impacts of Telecommuting on the Real Estate Market

To say that 2020 has been a year that has brought about the unexpected would be a vast understatement. From a changing political landscape to a global pandemic and the resulting economic impacts, 2020 has been a year that will not soon be forgotten.

How to Run a Successful Video Conference Meeting

Most managers are accustomed to running face-to-face meetings with employees. But if part or all of your staff are now working remotely from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you are probably finding yourself in a much different situation when it comes to conducting a team meeting. While there’s no doubt about the value of video conference tools in helping to manage a remote team, conducting a virtual meeting can be a challenge.

How to Help Your Employees Overcome Work-from-Home Challenges

Most of us have heard the old adage that a company is only as good as its people. And perhaps that has never been as true as it is today, when so many employees are working from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a manager, it’s relatively easy to gauge the morale, productivity levels and general attitude of your onsite employees when you’re able to see them face-to-face and work with them every day.

Performance Management in the COVID-19 Era

Most business owners, managers and supervisors have at least heard of the term “performance management,” but many people don’t have a complete understanding of the concept and how to best apply it in their own organizations. In this article, we’ll provide a definition of performance management, explain why it’s so important in the COVID-19 era, and show you how you can implement this process with your own employees.

Is Your Company Ready for a Fully Remote Workforce?

Covid-19 has encouraged many companies throughout the US and around the globe to allow their employees to work from home – that is, some of their employees. But those companies whose managers feel confident that their staff members will be just as hard working at home as they were in the office have truly embraced telecommuting; so much so, in fact that some have switched to a fully remote workforce.

What Cities/Countries Are Best for Telecommuting?

Are you considering allowing your employees to work from home during the pandemic? COVID-19 has forced many companies to allow their employees to telecommute. In fact, in many industries working from home has been absolutely vital in keeping businesses up and running during these challenging times.

How Tech Firms Are Leading the Way in Telecommuting in the Time of COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in countless ways. For many companies, that has included turning to telecommuting in order to keep businesses up and running in these challenging times. So maybe it will come as no surprise that it’s the tech industry that is leading the way in this work-from-home trend. Here are a few excellent examples of tech firms that have embraced telecommuting:


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